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Be part of the largest amateur network on the Internet.

Please Note: This section is for Amateurs who CANNOT build and maintain their own websites, and require us to provide the design, development, and website maintenance. If you know HTML, and are able to design, build and maintain your own website, please e-mail us at network@wildrose.net for further information.


With over twelve years of daily updated content, your members will love all the extras that you will be able to offer them. We have over 500 Gigabytes of exclusive picture content and thousands upon thousands of hours of video that cannot be found anywhere else. That’s just the beginning. We've got material in many niches to whet the appetites of all your members. From softcore to hardcore, straight to gay, and including all sorts of fetishes, there is something for everyone. You will also be able to offer your members access to popular video feeds, our in house Lifestyles network, interactive games, 'toons, cam shows, stories and invitations to our private parties!

High quality content is a proven retention tool, and will keep your members around much, much longer than your website would on its own. With full access to all the great content within the Wild Rose Network, and the feel of community that we build, your members will never want to leave. Unlike other Internet Networks, your members get full access to all the sites that comprise the Wild Rose Network, that extra perk keeps your members longer and keeps them satisfied.

The WRP, Wild Rose and Carol Cox names are instantly recognizable, and will help your site to convert like crazy. We have a great reputation, and members tend to stay for a very long time. All partner sites are monitored to ensure that they continue to provide a high quality product for network members. Happy customers help all of us succeed.

Unlike the other Networks, we do not force you to be exclusive to us. You can have websites in other places if you wish, even using the same content. You retain all control over your site and its content. Your site is your site, always.


You earn $10.00 - $50.00 on every sale, both new and recurring every month, depending on the membership price and option selected. That’s in your pocket, not before expenses. WRP will keep 50% of sales but this includes all design, development, and website maintenance costs, processing costs, hosting, technical support and services, and marketing assistance, which combined would cost well over 50% of your revenues on your own anyway. You NEVER have to pay the Visa registration fees, and you never have to deal with a hosting or service company again. Our network partners range from $500.00 to $40,000. a month, depending on the work they put into their own sites, and how interactive they are with their fans. Your pay-outs also come directly to you from the Billing company every week.

Keep in mind, that the majority of competing networks charge more and do less! The average network will charge you 60% of your revenue, and that is usually after they remove the billing percentage! Real time stats are available to you. No surprises or secrets. You can see what you want, when you want. You even have the ability to see your growth margin, and conversion ratios. Not in the US? By partnering with us, you will have access to the most trusted billing companies in the business. Why trust your livelihood to fly by night billing companies who may not be there tomorrow?


Should you wish to offer your members the benefit of interaction with you, we are affiliated with several of the top cam systems as well as have our own in house cam system solution. You are also able to use any other webcam system that you wish, including any private pay-per-view systems of your choice.


You are able and encouraged to use your website to promote any extra money making concepts you wish to employ. Use your website to promote private cam shows with any system of your choice. Do you do Phone Sex? You can promote that as well as the payment systems you select. Are you an Exotic Dancer? Post your schedules. Do you Escort? Then post your rates and availability. We are completely Sex Worker friendly and happy to help you maximize your income. We can also assist you in selling your videos/DVDs, erotic wear or toys.


All you are required to do is provide us with a minimum of four (4) website updates a month, either pictures or video, or both, and we take care of the rest. You will be required to do some minor marketing for your website, but it's easy, and we'll show you exactly what to do and where to go. After all, your personal touch is what sells the website. All network partners will receive preferential treatment when our flagship site CarolCox.com features other amateurs. Her traffic is of notoriously great quality!


We truly are the highest quality, highest paying, network on the Internet. Our partners enjoy the highest conversion and retention ratios of all networks. In plain English, you WILL make more money than you would with anyone else, or even on your own!

Get started with Carol Cox and the Wild Rose Network today. We can have your website up and running in no time. Our design staff will handle the entire website design and development for you, and we can usually have a website up and running within one to two weeks of receipt of the initial content.


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